Sunday, 10 February 2013

tabei3eh o3manieh: Omani Nature

So much has happened in the last week. Too much to fully catch up on. I started and completed my first week of classes. I moved in with my home stay family. I went on an amazing camping trip. I went to a party and had henna done as well. I feel like I can officially claim that I’m in the Middle East. Bas kul she2 tamam. All things are good.

This country is seriously incredibly beautiful. It’s so strange to be somewhere where things are still so natural. The mountains and the sea. The sunsets are to die for. The mountains turn into paintings as the sun slowly drops behind them.

It’s strange, though. Just being here, you can feel the development. Ten years, twenty years from now, the country will be entirely changed. Not in the way that I know that Howell, the small town where I'm from, will change. It's different here. Here it's changing something that hasn't yet been touched. 

We went camping on the beach of a little bay off the coast that we had to boat to. It was beautiful, but even now it’s plainly evident that things are developing. The location is currently under construction for becoming a tourist attraction.

The neighborhood where I live is extremely new. It’s a small corner of the city right next to Sultan Qaboos University. There are a ton of half built homes and many more empty lots. The neighborhood mosque is half finished.  

I can’t imagine coming back here. I know that I will, but I can’t imagine what Oman will be like. Until then, Oman is as it is.

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