Friday, 25 January 2013

al yum al awel: The First Day

The flight went well. It was long, but I almost didn’t feel it. I met this really nice girl from Germany on the first flight to Frankfurt. She was still in high school and had been an exchange student this past semester in Michigan. We talked about English a lot. I hope that in this semester I’ll be able to reach somewhere near her English level. We shall see. It’s important to remember how short of a time I’ve been taking Arabic.

Getting into Oman was really great as well. Things have been really chill so far. Everyone seems so nice. It’s very relaxed. Getting into the airport was really great. When getting my visa, I swear that there were nearly five people that came up to the man I was talking with to just say hello and “shu lounak?” (“How are you?” Literally translated to “What’s your color?”)

I’ve been told that the driving is crazy, but it seems so much more organized that Amman (Jordan). Quieter, too, I think. We shall see. Oman is known for its traffic problems.  

Last night I sat out at a restaurant and talked with a few of the other guys from the trip. It was so great to finally have Middle Eastern food. It was really great. Zaki jeden for sure :). Other than that it has mostly been recovering from jet lag that I didn’t know that I had. I slept nearly the whole day! 

Then a cookout at our program directors’ house. It's right next to the school as well, and about a 2-5 minute walk from the Arabian Sea. It was so cool to see it. I really love water :) Excited to have things start up this week. 

Classes don’t start until next Saturday and that is when we move in with our homestay families as well. Until then we have orientation, and we’re staying in apartments.
But ma’ salaameh (good bye) until next time!   

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